Brand HPM
Type M15
Size 78/92 /115/130/137/168
Printing count Mil.
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- The up-to-date 15.6" Widescreen LCD, full touch screen; Siemens PLC control.

- Eight languages to choose.

- Metric system and British system two units, shows the size front of knife and back of knife.

- Stepless speed adjustment function with latest technology, to make the cutting speed from 30 to 48 times within 1 minute, no need to change knife angle for different cutting material.

- Position resolution of backgauge is 0.01mm, closed-loop control, the locating error is less 0.01mm; No need to adjust

locating error. Max. backgauge speed is 18m/min.

- The program storage capacity is 300 programs. Every program can store 299 items cutting sizes. The storage memory has a maximum of 40 years.

- With USB, transmit data, to convenient operator make programming and arrangement via PC.

- Equipped with fault diagnostics and non-repreat safety guards. It can detect all the position switch state, and dynamic prompt switch failure, make the machine more convenient maintenance

- The backgauge is driven by a Panasonic servo-motor with four speed levels.

- Use Italy oil pump and hydraulic system

- With automatic pushing paper function, the distance can be adjusted.

- Adjustable time delay for knife activation, accurate and convenient.

- Uses icons to show operational functions, which are simple and user friendly.

- With full automatic cutting function..The backgauge and knife movements can be monitored on the screen.

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