HPM FZ 1800

Brand HPM
Type FZ 1800
Printing count Mil.
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HPM_FZ 1800_220

- Very stable steel frame design;

- Attractive design;

- Underrun option for pallet truck;

- Closed,single part,strong vibrating table pallet;

- Maintenance-free slewing ring and cylinder bearing;

- Double air nozzles with overload slipping clutch can be controlled at operating console continuously; Stop-forward,reverse run of the air nozzle for removing single bow;

- Strong radial blowers with large air quantity;

- Powerful slipping device with direct drive;

- Stable collision and maintenance-free side stop with very large travel;

- lmpact-free dropping of the ventilated stack through damped swivel cylinder;

- Hydraulic unlocking of the lifting frame;

- Optimal working height through relocation of pivot point;

- Highest operating comfort through two operating consoles.

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HPM_FZ 1800_220

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